THERMOFLOOR NEO underfloor water heating

Šilputa THERMOFLOOR NEO is patented design modern technology underfloor water heating system underlay. It is an effective thermal insulation panel for easy and quick to installation of underfloor heating pipes. EVEN DISTRIBUTION OF HEATING PIPES IS GUARANTEED – Your underfloor heating will be all evenly warm, so you and your children will be able to walk, sit and play comfortably on the floor without any fear.


  • 100% comfort at home
  • A +++ heat in your Šilputa home system
  • 100% quality
  • An eco-friendly product.

THERMOFLOOR NEO technical specifications

THERMOFLOOR NEO insulation panels are made of stronger molded NEOPOR polystyrene EPS NEO with graphite particles. This helps to distribute heat more efficiently inside the room. Higher thermal conductivity coefficient – 0.031W / m2k.
THERMFLOOR NEO has better thermal insulation ability and more efficient heat distribution due to the graphite particles contained in it. Graphite is one of the best thermal conductors (7 times better than aluminium), which leads to better heat distribution with THERMOFLOOR NEO and anhydrite floor screed in a faster and more efficient way.

THERMOFLOOR NEO is characterized by higher energy efficiency and more efficient installation. There is no need to use many unnecessary materials – net, straps, net lifting fasteners. The tube is also protected from accidental damage.

Advantages and distinctive features (arguments) that make THERMOFLOOR NEO a special solution for underfloor heating:

  • Easy to lay and install – in virtually all directions, whether simply laying or tying.
  • Each panel has locking joints
  • No need to use film, mesh, tying wire, studs, etc.
  • High laying and installation speed up to 2-4 times
  • Minimum labor costs – 1 worker can workeasily
  • Mounted while standing – no need to kneel, can be mounted with a foot press.
  • Even distribution of pipes vertically and horizontally is guaranteed.
  • Higher work culture – less debris, dirt, less waste.
  • Protection against accidental mechanical damage during installation – no need to cut or cut the net with an angle grinder, no accidental shards into the glass packages, easy to change the direction of the contour, etc.
  • Very siutable to mount a pipe of type PE-RT-AL-PE-RT (with aluminium core)
  • Protection against accidental hidden defects – the floor and pipe can only be installed in the prescribed manner and otherwise no error will be made.

THERMOFLOOR NEO special features

THERMOFLOOR NEO has a special uniqueness. It can be mounted directly on polystyrene, on a wooden or monolithic floor with or without sound insulation.
  • Installation is very fast and reliable, we avoid the factor of human error
  • Due to the existing elevations of the formed polystyrene foam with the cone, the tube adheres without additional fixation.
  • The same elevations during concreting of the floor allow you to walk boldly through the floor without fear of damaging the height or anchoring of the heating pipe, resulting in inefficient or uneven heating of the circuit..

  • THERMOFLOOR NEO is a closed cell product of molded foam

  • Innovative edge profiling allows joints to be joined together easily

  • The heating pipe is mounted directly in the panel
  • Pipe installation without additional fasteners, which is guaranteed by the shape of the tabs

  • Due to the milled edge, the patented shape of panel prevents the concrete from pushing the pipes to the surface
  • Shaped elevations lift the pipe from the bottom of the panel so that the pipe is completely covered with concrete floor screed

  • No additional mesh or thermal insulation mat is required

THERMOFLOOR NEO installation and assembly

  • THERMOFLOOR NEO underfloor water heating panels can be installed on any coating (foam, concrete). Innovative edge profiling allows joints to be fastened together.
  • THERMOFLOOR NEO floor panels allow you to mount the heating pipe reliably in all directions without additional fastening. The installation is facilitated by the shape of the protrusions on the panel surface, what makes convenient to install and properly fix the heating pipes without additional effort. Just insert ant push the tube and it will lie firmly and be protected.
  • The unique shape of THERMOFLOOR NEO can easily secures the water heating pipe, leaving a gap at the bottom for the concrete / gypsum filler. That way the underfloor heating acts as a heating battery, evenly distributing heat to your home.
  • THERMOFLOOR NEO heated floor system has no need for use of either a waterproofing film or a reinforcement mesh.
  • THERMOFLOOR NEO is a reliable way to assemble a underfloor heating floor and prevent human error.



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Technical specifications


Technical specifications


1200x600x47 mm

1200x600x60 mm

LST EN13163:2013+A1:2015

Thermal conductivity coefficient

0.031 W / (m * K)

LST EN12667

Thermal conductivity Rd 1200x600x47 mm

0,71 m2* K/W

LST EN13163:2013+A1:2015

Thermal conductivity Rd 1200x600x60 mm

1,13 m2* K/W

LST EN13163:2013+A1:2015

Compression, CS (10)

≥ 150 kPa


Bending / breaking, BS

≥ 200 kPa

LST EN12089

Flammability class


LST EN13501-1

Long-lasting water soak immersion WL (T), %

WL (T) 2.5

LST EN12087

Pipe installation step, mm



Pipe diameter, mm



Pipe type





Panel area, m2

Panel volume, m3

Panel wight, kg

Number of pieces on the palette, pcs

Area on the palette, m2

Palette dimensions, mm

Weight Netto, kg

Weight with palette, kg

TFN 47 0,72 0,03384 0,6662 80 57,6 1200x1200x2000 53,29 69,80
TFN 60 0,72 0,0432 0,9538 60 43,2 1200x1200x1930 57,22 73,73

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Thermofloor NEO Brochure (lithuanian)

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